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Implementation of expert research

The expert examination of a construction works is the evaluation of the technical status of the built construction works or the one under construction in order to establish whether the construction works satisfies the essential requirements in respect of the construction works.
All mandatory requirements for construction works include:

1. Requirements to maintain the qualities of structures and engineering systems of a construction works, which satisfy the essential requirements in respect of a construction works:

  • Mechanical resistance and stability;
  • Safety in case of fire;
  • Hygiene, health and the environment;
  • Safety in use;
  • Protection against noise;
  • Energy economy and heat retention;

2. Requirements to use, maintain and manage a construction works and its surroundings in the way that:

  • The use of premises would correspond to the purpose registered in the Real Property Cadastre;
  • The aesthetic look of a construction works and its surroundings would be maintained;
  • The life and activity conditions of third parties would not be affected.

3. The qualities of a construction works have to satisfy all mandatory requirements during the entire economically reasonable working life of a construction works or to the date of accepting the decision regarding the demolition of the construction works.

Our team specialises in the following fields:
1.    Analysis of all general construction requirements;
2.    Evaluation of insurance and non-insurance events;
3.    Analyses and researches of the water supply and waste water part;
4.    Thermovisual evaluation of a construction works;
5.    Evaluation of hygienic parameters of a construction works (insolation, relative humidity, surface and air temperature, surface humidity, CO2 measurement);
6.    Due Diligence analysis of the use of a construction works;
7.    Analysis of the economic part of a construction works;
8.    Expert examination of structures of a construction works.

The evaluation of insurance events is described in greater detail:

ANALYSIS OF LEGAL AND CONSTRUCTION DOCUMENTS OF THE OBJECT The participants and experts of damage establishment are formed (insurer, policyholder, experts, laboratories)
Construction agreements of the insurance object, purchase-sale contracts, documents of ownership are reviewed, the previous status of the damaged property is structured maximally
Technical documents of the construction related with the object are reviewed, hidden structures are established, if no exposure or other solutions are offered
ESTABLISHMENT OF CAUSE IN THE OBJECT The factor of damage and its consequences are localised
Surface irregularities are established, possible hidden defects are checked
Material of structures, type of irregularities is established, the act of defects is formed, it is particularised, it is approved by the committee
All direct and indirect impacts on the appearance of the fact are evaluated
ESTABLISHMENT OF THE OBJECT DAMAGE ELIMINATION VALUE, AGREEMENT REGARDING THE COMPENSATION OF THE DAMAGE The estimate of the object damage elimination is formed according to the act of defects applying the calculated market prices valid at that time
The conclusions are tentatively coordinated with the beneficiary
The estimates are presented to the policyholder
FORMATION OF FINAL CONCLUSIONS The performed works are registered and the conclusion is formed

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